DPL discusses World in 2019

December 18, 16-54


December 17, 2018, World in 2019 meeting was held in Kyiv, Ukraine, organized by the popular Ukrainian social and political news portal Novoye Vremya. The event brought together public figures, business representatives and politicians of Ukraine to discuss world problems and trends, as well as their reflection on Ukraine’s economy in 2019.

DPL team as well did not miss the chance to talk about the role of innovative technologies in economic processes. We successfully presented the DPL platform to the Ambassador of Canada in Ukraine, Roman Vashchuk. We talked about the possibilities of integrating advanced information technologies into the agro-industrial complex, and also discussed the issue of trust as a necessary element for the development of Ukraine’s economy. The ambassador liked our approach to solving the problems of agribusiness and expressed willingness to help us with the development of the project.